Marine Engineers ensure the smooth and efficient operation of the ship’s mechanical and electrical equipment onboard, including carrying out repairs, inspections and maintenance programmes of propulsion systems, refrigeration machinery, desk machinery and passenger systems. They manage power, fuelling and distributions systems. The Chief Engineering Officer is in charge of the engineering department and is responsible for working of all equipment onboard be it electrical, mechanical, pneumatic or hydraulic. He/she supervises the work of the engine room and is assisted by a team of engineers including the Second Engineering Officer, Third Engineer, Junior Engineer and Trainee Engineering

Minimum qualifications

  • Officer.Qualifications / Skills Required: Engineering Officers are required to undertake training involving college time and sea time to work towards an Engineering Officer of the Watch Certificate of Competence.
  • They also require to complete STCW 95 basic safety training courses, covering personal survival techniques, fire prevention and fire fighting, elementary first aid and personal safety, social responsibilities, should hold seafarer’s medical certificate.
  • Additionally, they require Medical First Aid, Advanced Fire Fighting, Engine Room Resource Management, High Voltage and Designated Security Duties training.

How To Apply

Complete Your Resume on the Portal and Send your CV to the email specified in this job listing by clicking the ‘Apply button’.


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